Art therapists have an in-depth knowledge of the subtleties and complexities of the art making process and its therapeutic application. They are able to provide a trusting and facilitating environment in which clients feel safe to express their emotions and explore their relationship to their past and present experiences and relatiopnships.

Current training in Art Therapy is a two-year full-time or three year part-time post-graduate course to MA level. Most Art Therapists have a degree in Fine Art or a related art subject. Students are required to undertake personal therapy for the duration of their training.

Art Therapy or Art Psychotherapy?

Both titles are in common use at present. Until quite recently Art Therapy has been the usual title. Some members of the profession consider that Art Psychotherapy more accurately describes what we do.

Art Therapy has contributed to health services since the 1950's. A significant number of Art Therapists have worked within the NHS for many years. The current pay scales recognise the level of expertise and knowledge required of an Art Therapist.

Art Therapists are legally required to register with the Health Professions Council in order to practice in the UK.

Health Professions Council -

BAAT Approved Private Practitioners are experienced Art Therapists who have demonstrated to BAAT that they are competent to practice privately.

British Association of Art Therapists -